Caseta and Pairing with Smatthings

So replacing many failed GE switches and wanted to use a different brand. Got the Lutron Caseta because it says in their web site that it works with Smartthings right on their web site. Well trying to get it linked and doing some research I am reading you have to use their hub, so whats the deal?

It works with a smartthings account without any custom code, but yes, you have to have their SmartBridge device to make the integration work.

I have these in my own home and like them very much, for what that’s worth. :sunglasses:

Their website does list the Lutron smart hub as required for the integration:

Just sucks having to run yet another hub and app. “SMART” isnt really a term that should be associated with these systems.

That and the fact that the Lutron rep said that it would work no problem. Its just frustratimg, trying to keep the system simple and far from it.

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I understand. Different platforms use different radio protocols.

If you want something that would be a direct swap for the GE switches, the zooz brand from the Smartest house is very popular in the community. It uses the same Z wave protocol as the GE switches (assuming, of course, that you don’t have the Zigbee models.)

Excellent engineering, strong tech support, budget priced. :sunglasses:


but with Lutron, it is a very solid and dependable system… it always works! :slight_smile:


Thank for the suggestion, unfortunately I have 8 lutron switches siting here so i just ordered a hub for them, not what i want but its what i have to do i guess. Returning them would be a PITA

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Do keep in mind that a lot of users here are reporting that their failed GE devices are being replaced for free. So far there’s no indication that the newer models suffer from the flaw that’s killing so many older ones…

See, for example:

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I have called and emailed Jasco multiple times and never get any help. Even have contacted my sales rep directly, they act like they have no idea what i am talking about.

I just called the support number: 1-800-654-8483