Add device from our IOS/Android app

Hi Support Team,
Is there any API using which we can add the devices from our IOS/Android app?
I am developing a platform using Smart things API’s and wants to know about an API to add the device directly to the platform?

Hello, @Nand_Kishor!

What kind of device are you trying to add? For example LAN, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Cloud to Cloud


We are trying to add Zigbee, Z-Wave and Other mobile protocol.

Ok, are you using a SmartThings Hub or they are connected to another platform?

This is because, for SmartThings Hubs, you can develop Edge drivers to allow connecting Zigbee, Z-Wave, and LAN devices (TCP, UDP).
And, there’s also the direct-connected integration to connect Wi-Fi devices.


We want to develop our own Android/IOS app from which we can manage add/update devices like samsung smartthing app via Smartthings API

ok, so, if I understand correctly, you want to build an app that will connect to other platforms and those devices can be received from any of them and you want to add them to ST, right?
If you build your own app and Cloud, the options (up to now) are Cloud-Connected integrations (ST Schema or SmartApp Connector), however, there are some points to consider:

  1. Your Cloud must support OAuth 2.0
  2. You won’t be able to certify it so others can use it because only the device’s manufacturer can do it.
  3. Therefore, you won’t be able to distribute the integration with users easily.
  4. This is the API endpoint to install a device but it is only allowed for SmartApps.
  5. The Schema Connector works differently and doesn’t create the device through the API.

Hi Support Team,
I want to replicate the process of adding devices from our IOS/Android app as the same smartThing app is doing. So Is there any API or any process from which I can achieve this?

I want to connect devices (like Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc) to smartThing hub and smartThing hub to smartThing cloud from our IOS/Android app.

So can you please some solution for this?

Hi, @Ajay_Choudhary
Sorry for the delay. If I understand correctly, is your goal adding devices to the SmartThings Hub through another app and not the ST app?

Unfortunately, the only app that can put the Hub in pairing mode is the ST app, there’s no alternative to execute a command and allow it to detect devices so you can do it from an external source.