Standalone iOS/Android/Web app similar to smartthings App


Am planning to create a standalone app similar to Samsung SmartThings app. I know we could achieve this through Web Services smart app. But I didn’t get any information on

  1. How to add a Hub/Room/Device ?
  2. How to receive push notification on my app?

Could anyone give clarity on how to do this? Thanks.

This is part of the “Core” API and developers do not have access to that at the moment. It has been intimated that in the future this API will be opened once they have the proper security in place.

You will need to build your own push notification system around the platform you are building on. Using a service like pushover or building your own from scratch.

Any mobile app you build will be more of a control and monitoring app rather than a full blown client that could replace the one from SmartThings.