Door open status notification

I want to create a rule that will push a notification to my phone every minute notifiying me I left my door open until it’s closed. Is that a possibility to do?

I’m not sure how often it pushes, but a custom smart home monitor rule can notify. You could definitely do it with webcore

I use an app called Left It Open app from SmartThings. It works for my doors. I do not have it alert me every minute but it works.

I have almost the same setup. The door from our Garage to Mudroom never seems to gets closed all the way and a breeze with push it open causing Heat or AC to escape not to mention let bugs in during the spring/summer/fall months. I found a SmartApp called Super Notifier that does what your looking for. I have mine setup to push alert all phones in the household when open 3 Minutes and then every 1 minute after that until closed then it will send a “Now Closed” alert as well.

You can find Super Notifier here… [RELEASE] Super Notifier - All your alerts in one place!


WebCore can make that happen.