Is there a way to get Z-Wave Signal Strength to Hub?

Is there a way to get Signal Strength for a Z-Wave device connected to my Hub (v3)?
I tried the App, web access to the “Samsung account”, the CLI for device information - none seem to show Signal Strength (such as RSSI).

Reason for asking - I have a Schlage door lock that goes offline for a few minutes then back online. Happens about twice a day. So signal strength might help diagnose the issue.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know of a way to see that info. What might give you a little bit of a clue as to what is going on would be to install the Z-Wave Explorer and switch your lock to that driver. It will show you the route to the hub and the number of transmitted/received/failed number of messages.

What model is your lock?

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Model BE469ZP

That model of Schlage lock supports S2 security. In the new Edge architecture, drivers are more particular about whether devices are paired at the proper security level. You can check the security level of your locks using the API Browser+ and checking the device details. A properly paired lock should have a NW Security Level of ZWAVE_S2_ACCESS_CONTROL. While this may not be the source of your issue, it is one thing to check to eliminate it as part of the problem.


Yes ZWAVE_S2_ACCESS_CONTROL on both my BE469ZP locks.
Thanks -
Now waiting to see if it happens again…