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Is there a way to control Sonos with Echo using SmartThings?

(NicolasD) #1

I’ve tried connecting my sonos play 1 to my smartthings hub so I can control my sonos with my amazon echo. My echo says it found one connected home device. I can’t get smartthings to discover the sonos. Any ideas. Thanks



At the present time, echo only recognizes lights and switches. Nothing to do with SmartThings, the same is true for wink and Insteon.

You may be able to do something with virtual switches and routines. That’s how people control things like door locks or Harmony, for example.

But I don’t have a Sonos so I can’t say very much more about that.


(Beckwith) #3

I would also like to control Sonos through Echo. I was able to get it to start and stop mine without a virtual switch but it was intermittent. Sonos is still in SmartThings lab which basically is a proof of concept project. Generally best results are with few devices with basic functionality. Add Echo and there is just more to go wrong. For one, Echo has difficulty hearing when you have Sonos speakers playing.

Ideally, Echo needs to be integrated with Sonos so it can cancel out the sound Sonos produces.

Has anyone noticed the newest Sonos speakers include microphones? They are supposed to be used for calibration. Maybe they could use them to mute the speakers when they hear “Alexa”. Or they could add an Echo type functionality and compete with Amazon.


(Beckwith) #4

Are the Sonos on the same network as SmartThings? If not, they at least need to be bridged. If you connect at one point and then can’t, it is probably best you reserve the IP. Also, ZigBee and Sonos use 2.4ghz so can’t be too close to each other without interfering.


(michael) #5

I have a group on Alexa called sonos and say Alexa turn on sonos and she plays the last sation that you played on sonos. Then I say Alexa turn off sonos and she pauses sonos


(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #6

I’ve been able to integrate Sonos much more using this setup:

It obviously takes a little more work, but I’ve been happy with the results.

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(Ash ( / Ashutosh Jaiswal) #7

Like mentioned above, If your SONOS is on pause and you have SONOS added to Echo as a switch, then when you say “Alexa! turn ON SONOS” , it starts playing it. I use it all the time. When you ask Alexa to turn it OFF, it stops playing music. For me that works fine because I use SONOS just to play my playlist on my NAS Server. When I want to listen to a particular song, I switch back to Amazon Echo and play it from there :smile:


(MarcusD.) #8

@ infofiend
So after reading all your detailed installations It seems like I need an NAS Server or PC/MAC running in the same local network to get this extra echo SONOS functionality?


(Ryan) #9

Check out a ST app called Alexa helper , this should do everything you want


(Micheal ) #10

Indeed…the thread for this app is here: [RELEASE] Alexa Helper


(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #11

Yes - you’ll need some type of hardware that can function as a server. I used a raspberry pi / Linux OS.