Is there a physical controller that can be used for family use?

(Scott) #1

I just switched over from X10 to Smartthigs and we used to have a physical switch controller that was on the end-table that we could click on the lights.

Now I have it all in my phone :slight_smile: !!! But lost that function

Is there a device out there that is similar so I don’t have to load this up on everyones phone so they can turn on the lights.

I have a mixture of devices, Wemo, GE Link, Z-Wave switches.

Has anyone done anything like this?? Maybe a cheap Android tablet?

I can pick up a Azpen Innovation A727 Tablet for $39 at Microcenter and just keep it plugged in

Any help would be great

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Using a cheap Android tablet and @625alex’s ActiON web panel will let you customize things as you see fit, and does not require the SmartThings mobile app.

(Scott) #3

How hard is the ActiON web panel to setup/install? Going to start looking for it, but is there a How to doc?

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #4

Piece of cake. Install the SmartApp, select the devices you want on the panel, look for the url in the IDE log, put that url in your browser… Bingo!

(Scott) #5

Thanks, already have followed all the steps, just trying to find the URL now

(Scott) #6

Got it!!!

WOW, this thing is great… now I just need to figure out what I want to have on the screen

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Note that you can have multiple instantiations of the app, each with different devices (and urls), and you can of course use the link tiles to switch between those urls.


I must not have my eyes working. Can you give me a little more detailed instructions on where to get this app?

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