Better App to configure SmartThings Hub

Does anybody know of a better app to configure the SmartThings Hub? The mobile phone app is way to small and has way to many clicks to be usefull to configure a large and more complex network.

I need to start writing down on paper (wish I dont) what Things is also Action Shortcuts, what smart apps are connected to what things, how it works works with the Hello Home and Modes, …

To do all this it is just very hard to get a good overview of what is going what and when on a 4.7" screen. :smile:

Hoping there is a web app, tablet app, PC app, … that has larger screen support and just gives me a qucik overview. The Graph API shows me devices and apps, but not a good overview of how they are all connected yet.

I get this is less important as the mobile app is for day to day, but it would be very usefull for setting things up.


Check out my web app: