How to find icons and/or add icons for smart apps and devices?

(Ron) #1

How can I determine what icons are available ?

Can I add my own icons ?

For example I am working on a thermostat device. I found icons for Cool, Heat in a code sample but I don’t know how I would have found otherwise.

but not for dehumidify.

(Joe) #2

Here is a discussion on adding icons. hope this helps.

Continuing the discussion from Help finding icons:

(Ron) #3

Thanks, sorry I didn’t find that.

There is not icon for dehumidify. I can probably use st.Weather.weather12 which looks like a drip of water. If I understand the thread you linked in order to add my own Icon I have to make it available via the web using a url and I would have to keep that icon online for the app to work ?

Is there no way to include the icon with the smart app ? So I don’t have to maintain a public copy ?
I am guessing the answer is no.

(Joe) #4

@Ron I have to defer to someone with more experience. I have not attempted, but looks like all icons are calls to a URL.

(Ron) #5

Yea but I wonder does the url download when published or when called from the phone.

If when published then I would think adding an image can be done by developer when they publish, and then it doesn’t need to be online anymore.

If from phone it would have to “always” be online so it could be retrieved by users.