Is there a Cloud<->Cloud Harmony Hub app?

Anyone know if there is a cloud to cloud Harmony Hub app? I’ve been using Smartthings without a hub while I waited for the new ST hub to be released. I’ve got a few cloud to cloud apps going for other devices but noticed the Harmony one uses the ST hub to discover the Harmony on the lan.

Wondering if there is a version of the app that will use your credentials to connect to the Harmony app over the internet instead.

it’s coming and is in Beta now. Not that this will make you feel better, but this has been a problem for the past year that has been a work in progress. In the meantime, you can leverage IFTTT with ST Virtual Switches to pretty much do anything.

Awesome that’s good to hear. Thanks for the info.

Im on the BETA for this and confirm its bulletproof ive had no issues eoth it ehat so ever, so frel reasured, i believe it will be made public shortly after logitech make or approve some minor changes :slight_smile: