Is ObyThing still a thing?

Hey all -

I’m new to SmartThings, so pardon if I’m asking about common knowledge.

Instead of Sonos, I have Bose SoundTouch speakers. ObyThing seems like it would help me trigger audio notifications on speakers, but it’s no longer in the app stores (iOS or macOS) and the developer’s website hasn’t been updated in a year. I see it as a smartapp, but the website’s troubleshooting page leads me to believe the smartapp won’t work independently.

Googling around it looks like SmartRules and BeaconThings may be the developer’s more current projects, but I can’t find anything recent about ObyThing or why it’s not in the app stores. Anyone know anything? Is there a newer alternative?

Thanks for the help to an IoT noob!

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Welcome! There’s lots of information in the forums, but it can be hard to find. See the following (this is a clickable link)