Is my home secure?

Fixed :wink:

Check out my github for new code :smile:

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Updated to 1.2

– Added the ability to add some windows/doors that don’t need to be “secure” but want to be notified they are left open.

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How do i find the code for this app? The link appears to be broken.

Here it is

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Many thanks ! Now to figure out how to install it!


Thanks much appreciated ! It’s installed fingers X it will work !

I can’t seem to find the code on github - is something broken?


I think he moved it when they integrated git or something

Hello, where can I find this code? I click on the link and get a github error message.

As a novice ST user, how can I learn about using custom devicetypes and smartapps? These posts assume an advanced level of knowledge that I would like to understand how to use. I feel as though I’m stumbling in the dark and would like to read some ‘how to’ docs.



One post above yours :wink:

Edit - Tagging @slagle to see if maybe he can update the link to the code in the first post.

Have this installed, but getting the “fill out all required fields”

As far as I can tell - i have everything filled out. Ant one have any pointers?

App seems to be just what I want (at least till I figure enough out in Core to do something similar).

Can you post some screenshots and any error info?

Hopefully this reaches Tim, and I know it’s been a long time since this thread was last used !!

Your smartapp is exactly what I am looking for

However when I try to load it I get ‘location not valid’ errors

Any thoughts/advice as how to get around this?

My home location (coordinates) are shown in my hub settings



That’s Tim’s old user ID, from before he joined the SmartThings staff. :sunglasses:

So now you want to tag @slagle to make sure he sees it.

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Thanks. Now tagged as suggested :wink:

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I’ve got Tim’s SmartApp to work. Loaded it to my hub using a Mac instead of an iPad.

Problem solved :+1:


Hmm. Thought all was ok, but not quite.

It seems I can’t trigger on mode change AND on a particular time. Mode change takes priority and seems to disable the trigger at a certain time.

Still experimenting, but pretty sure I can’t have both triggers.

Would be interested in other users’ feedback



I’ve not tried this - but have you tried installing two instances of the app? one for each trigger?

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Thanks Greg.

I think it should work (I’ve already got my minimote operating with 2 different SmartApps)


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