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Is my home secure?


(Tim Slagle) #15

Fixed :wink:

Check out my github for new code :smile:

(Tim Slagle) #16

Updated to 1.2

– Added the ability to add some windows/doors that don’t need to be “secure” but want to be notified they are left open.

(Claire Longworth) #17

How do i find the code for this app? The link appears to be broken.

(Greg) #18

Here it is

(Claire Longworth) #19

Many thanks ! Now to figure out how to install it!

(Greg) #20

(Claire Longworth) #21

Thanks much appreciated ! It’s installed fingers X it will work !


I can’t seem to find the code on github - is something broken?


(Greg) #23

I think he moved it when they integrated git or something


Hello, where can I find this code? I click on the link and get a github error message.

As a novice ST user, how can I learn about using custom devicetypes and smartapps? These posts assume an advanced level of knowledge that I would like to understand how to use. I feel as though I’m stumbling in the dark and would like to read some ‘how to’ docs.



(Greg) #25

One post above yours :wink:

Edit - Tagging @slagle to see if maybe he can update the link to the code in the first post.

(Paul Haskins) #26

Have this installed, but getting the “fill out all required fields”

As far as I can tell - i have everything filled out. Ant one have any pointers?

App seems to be just what I want (at least till I figure enough out in Core to do something similar).


Can you post some screenshots and any error info?

(Dave) #28

Hopefully this reaches Tim, and I know it’s been a long time since this thread was last used !!

Your smartapp is exactly what I am looking for

However when I try to load it I get ‘location not valid’ errors

Any thoughts/advice as how to get around this?

My home location (coordinates) are shown in my hub settings




That’s Tim’s old user ID, from before he joined the SmartThings staff. :sunglasses:

So now you want to tag @slagle to make sure he sees it.

(Dave) #30

Thanks. Now tagged as suggested :wink:

(Dave) #31

I’ve got Tim’s SmartApp to work. Loaded it to my hub using a Mac instead of an iPad.

Problem solved :+1:

(Dave) #32

Hmm. Thought all was ok, but not quite.

It seems I can’t trigger on mode change AND on a particular time. Mode change takes priority and seems to disable the trigger at a certain time.

Still experimenting, but pretty sure I can’t have both triggers.

Would be interested in other users’ feedback



(Greg) #33

I’ve not tried this - but have you tried installing two instances of the app? one for each trigger?

(Dave) #34

Thanks Greg.

I think it should work (I’ve already got my minimote operating with 2 different SmartApps)