Is logging down for everyone else?

(j w) #1

Logging stopped working sometime yesterday, and is still not working as of this morning. I’ve tried two different machines on two different networks - no dice. I submitted a ticket last night, but I’m curious as to whether logging is down for other devs?

(Michael) #2

I was working on something last night and noticed the same! It happens from time to time and I was hoping things would “reset” over night so I could continue my project.

Tagging @slagle and @jody.albritton and @Aaron to see if they can help confirm they are investigating.

(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #3

Yes. It’s been down for me and others as well.

( - Make your home your butler!) #4

Yes also reported on the IDE Tell me your issues thread. Tagging @Dianoga

(Todd Wackford) #5

You should be able to view live logging now.

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