Is it time to call it quits?


(Ravi Bhat) #1

It has been such a long time?

  • Extremely slow response from V2 Hub ST?
  • Programmed Routines executing randomly?
  • Programmed Routines not executing per plan?
  • Individual events executing without permission
  • Hue not working
  • Sometimes same routine executing twice in succession

All we hear from ST is that issues have been identified and a while later issues have been resolved and sometimes a long pause in between.

What is the real issue with ST? and Why are we having to go through this painful experience. Is it time to call it quits and switch back to lesser feature ADT Pulse or Wink or Insteon but a more stable one? Thoughts???

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

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(Bobby) #3

I suggest switching to Insteon and send me your ST devices. I can send you a weekly report of how many keep failing so you don’t feel bad you jumped ship. Deal?

Meanwhile, you may find this thread helpful:

(Glen King) #4

As always, the answer depends on what you are willing to spend. If you really need full automation that is flawless, you can pay consultants who will use much more expensive systems. And each time you want a minor change, you’ll pay the consultants more than the cost of an entire ST starter kit to do the tweak.