Is it possible to use a GE Add-On Switch with a Honeywell Smart Switch (model: 44946)

I recently purchased a number of Honeywell Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Switches (model: 44946) and have already installed 8 of them and they work beautifully. I have a few 3 way switches in my home and when I tried to purchase Add-On Switch (paddle version) for the Honeywell 44946 they are sold out everywhere! Does anyone know if a GE Add-On Switch will work with Honeywell 44946.

Another option is to buy GE Z-Wave Plus Switches for my 3-ways since the GE Add-On switches (paddle version) are freely available, however I am not sure if the LED color on the GE Switches is the same as Honeywell Switches. My Honeywell Switches have a blue LED.

Most likely yes.

GE and Honeywell smart devices are made by Jasco and so there are matching models for each brand.

You might have to figure out which model GE is the equivalent of your Honeywell switch and get the add-on for that model.

Every GE switch/dimmer/fan controller I have has a blue LED also. One of the main reasons I went with them was that and they match the cheap Leviton Decora standard switches well enough to blend in.

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Thanks @HalD, I was concerned if they might different signaling despite the shared Jasco manufacturing – your hunch was correct – I called Jasco and I was told that a GE Add-On should work just fine with a Honeywell switch.

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Thanks @vseven, I asked Jasco customer service if they are in fact in the same switch between the GE and Honeywell Z-wave In-Wall, and I was told yes :slight_smile:

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