GE add-ON Switch

I ordered a GE add-On switch hoping I could wire a single bulb light to it, Did I buy the right thing? The box says something about a controler switch. I was hoping to use it like I do my we-mo switches, but with smartthings instead.

Yeah, probably not. Add on switches are to act as the 2nd switch in a 3-way switch set up. The add on switch has no radio in it. So it’s intended application is as an “add on” to a master which does have a radio.

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The GE add on switch will only work as a remote to a GE master switch. It can’t be used on its own.

See the FAQ

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So I need one of these and then I can remotely control a three way switch?

That would get you simple on / off.

You can use that add-on switch with the Dimmer

Or Fan Control

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Shawn has got you covered there.