Is it possible to edit smart things official device types?

I am going into my device types, and pressing edit but no code shows. If I do the same for my custom device types, the code will show, so that I can edit it!

Does anyone know if I can edit the ST official device types?

The device type that I am trying to edit is the “Home energy meter”. I have some code here that will stop it sending information to my activity feed, every 5 seconds.
My activity feed is being swamped with energy reports!

Yes most are available on the smart things community github repo. Just find the one copy and paste into new device in ide and edit away.

Keep in mind editting user created and copy pasted DTH, only run in cloud not local.


I am not so sure that the templates are maintained. Maybe @Tyler can confirm. But what I noticed, is that 3rd party DTH are taking off the public folder once they are officially launched.

Thank you very much @pstuart! I am very grateful!

Thank you for your reply @SBDOBRESCU , I will see if I can find it on GitHub