Update "official" template Device Type?

Yesterday I installed ObyThing Music, which is pretty awesome and way easier than the DLNA option I’ve been wrestling with for the last month.

But I see there are a few bugs in the released code, and want to update to the dev’s github code.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to access the code of a type from template like there is when one is from code.

Sure, I COULD delete the device and recreate it, but I’ve already built it into a BUNCH of smartApps and it has a place on 3 different SmartTiles dashboards, so I would really prefer to just update it.

Is there a way?

If you installed it in the mobile app “Marketplace” then there is no way to modify that code. If you installed it via the IDE and its in the “My Apps” (or whatever section you choose) then you could edit the code.

Unfortunately, it sounds like you installed it in the Marketplace.

Since ST has no ability to backup and restore settings in a SmartApp, I am afraid you are going to have to install the code in the IDE, publish for me, and then remove the existing marketplace app and install the IDE published version.

At least then, all your changes will be updated in the installed app once you publish.

Otherwise, you can fork obycodes github code, make the changes, send a pull request and hope he brings your fixes back in, resubmits it to ST, wait for the updates to be approved, then your marketplace version would get updated.

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Thanks, even though it’s bad news.

They aren’t my fixes. It’s the ObyCode guys who have updated, and they’re waiting for ST to approve them. Essentially I’m trying to get a jump on an update to an official device type.

OHH! I just realized I can create the updated Music Player before deleting the current one, then just select it in all the existing smartApps!

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Hmmmm, maybe I did it:

Created a new device type in the IDE.

I went to Edit Device on the existing Music player.

Selected the new device type.

Save. Maybe that’s it?

not quite… after save you need to select publish for me
then you need to edit your devices and make sure the device is pointing to your copy of the device type not the stock one.