GE Zigbee 2-outlet plug-in for $20 on Amazon .

I don’t think you can address each outlet separately.


only the one outlet is controlled. power monitoring is nice though. Wonder if they are coming out with a Zigbee 3.0 model?


Wow, that’s a great price. The In wall switches are on sale too. It figures the prices drop AFTER I bought everything I needed. It could be that they’re purging inventory in prep for new models.

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Which in wall are on sale? I see the plugin.

The regular on/off zigbee switch was 34.99 not too long ago, so I bought one and have it on the shelf as a backup. It was a deal for those too.

Are the jasco zigbee on/off the same model?

They are cheaper than the Ge zigbee branded.

The jasco dimmer is not a deal, but the on/off is.

Jasco makes GE and Honeywell branded smart switches.

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Yes. I know, but the jasco switch is usually $34 and the Ge zigbee Version is $40 plus.

Are they the same model?

Yup, but i believe the model numbers are slightly tweaked. It’s just a branding things between Jasco and GE

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