Is GE comparable with JASCO?

Thanks JD. I’ll just stick to the Plum Lightpads I have on order still. Hoping one day it integrates with Smartthings.

I like the looks of the Cooper RF9540-N switches. Do they work with ST ? They are not listed as compatible but I doubt ST maintains that given how they maintain everything else :smile:

Interesting while posting review of this seller I read deeper into reviews and found several people complaining about exactly same thing. Bought GE received Jasco, “Z-Wave Outlet” doesn’t list their products fairly on amazon.

I just received Jasco products when GE was ordered from Z-Wave Outlet. Neither switch has the neutral jumper wire. When I contacted them they blamed Amazon for listing them as GE and said nothing about the missing neutral jumper. When I submitted a return, it appears to be on my dime, not good

I contacted their support they called it their screw up and they offered my pre-paid return postage. I settled on a $5 refund because the switch was similar and just missing the neutral wire. I figured $5 would cover that.

If you don’t like how the seller is handling it contact Amazon support use “file/view claim” button. I contacted the seller after they ignored my first two attempts and told them what I wanted or I would file a claim and they made good.

Needless to say I will never buy anything from z-wave outlet again.