Is bluetooth mac address of samsung galaxy phone stored in smartthings?

Here is my problem:
I lost my galaxy phone (has no sim card),(different city).

I know the location from #smarthings.
The person who found the phone seems that he kept the phone charged, and appears to be in congisted apartment buildings. Its non connected to internet. (Find divice app from google) does not show location) i think it only uses internet. So only bluetooth signals. I assume my phone can connect to a free wifi hotspot, but seems non in the area. Also i am more than 1000km away now from where I lost my phone, so i cant go with my other phone to open my own hotspot which i would presume my lost phone would connect automatically to my hotspot phone which i have.


I recieve a signal like once a day only in smartthings. Like as if the location moves a little from a building block to another , no much. Still hard to ask many people and apertments.

I am thinking to ask someone to use a bluetooth scanner app.,
However, i dont know my phone bluetooth Mac address.

Does Smartthings store my phone bluetooth mac address to use a bluetooth scanner to search for my device.
I assume scaning by bluetooth is my best bet currently
I appreciate the help,