Control iRobot using Smartthings? [OBSOLETE]

I need help in developing the way to control IRobot Roomba (Model 960) using my Smartthings Hub. I already created a virtual switch in Smartthings but I need to connect Smartthings into IFTTT and connect the Roomba to IFTTT but I cant find the way to do it.

Is easy to do in webCoRE using webhooks to tie the two systems together. Are you using webCoRE?

No, I have never tried that platform.

You might want to check this out as well

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Hello, thanks for your response. I tried using the virtual switches in ST but at the time of defining the action in IFTTT I got a message indicating that there are no options available. How can I fix that?

I wanted to see if you ever got this worked out before I head down this same integration path?

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