Lowes Iris Contacts show 0% after new battery

I changed the batteries in 3 of my Lowes Iris Contacts. Now they all show 0%? They also stop working every few days. These contacts were fine (12-18 months) until I changed the batteries.

Also when I changed battery I received a “Battery has to much power - 25.5 volts” error.

I used a Panasonic CR2 Industrial 3V Lithium.



I would reset them. Use a paper clip to push and hold the reset button while inserting the new battery. When the LED lights release the button. After a couple seconds it should blink blue. When it does, go into the ST app and add a device as if it were new. After a few seconds to a minute, the LED on the contact sensor will flash green indicating that it has reconnected.

You should be fine after that. One thing that concerns me, you mentioned they were fine for 12-18 months. That’s a short battery life. I’ve never had any last under 2 years with most lasting at least 2 1/2 years. Short battery life could indicate a weak Zigbee mesh. The device may have to transmit at a higher power to communicate with its closest neighbor which definately impacts battery life.

I was hoping to avoid having to re pair them… I hate having to re setup all the rules.

As for the 12-18… it could be more like 24… that was just a wild guess.

Mine did this as well. Just installed new battery last Saturday and now showing 0%. Device is reporting temp about every hour just fine.

You shouldn’t have to do anything to your rules/automations when you do this; just do not delete the device in ST prior to resetting the device. Just put the hub in ‘add a thing’ mode, do the reset on the Zigbee device and wait a bit. When you see it flash green (you will not get any ‘thing found’ from ST since it is already in its database) you should be set to go, with all your automations unaffected.