Iris V2, Centralite V2/V3 Keypad Battery Voltage

For the last 6 months or so I’ve been running a modified Keypad DTH that reports the battery value as volts versus percent. The Centralite V2’s batteries began life at 3.0 volts, and the device worked well until today, about a week after the voltage dropped to 2.7 volts or the totally useless value of 40% based on the formula in the DTH.

Installed new Amazon Basic Lithium CR123A batteries, keypad immediately recovered, and now shows 3.1 volts.

It should be noted this keypad is far away from the hub and is the primary arm and disarm point for my system. An Iris V2 that received new batteries around the same time, but is near the hub and rarely used remains at 3.0 volts.