Iris Keypad (Centralite) Wonkiness this AM

Has anyone had their Iris keypad go from working really well since install, and then one day the key pad is flashing every key a fast white? Like a flicker?

Not even sure what it is…it was responding as of last night and “said” battery at 100%. Maybe I will order some CR123A batteries and see if it helps, but thought I would check the community if others have seen the white flashing ghost.

Mine was fine last night when I disarmed and rearmed to take the dog out. Don’t use the keypads to disarm in the AM and I’m at work now, but will check when I get home.

Both of my keypads are working fine right now. Try resetting the battery? Don’t remember having quick flashing with that pattern before.

I replaced both batteries and it worked great again.

I think @JDRoberts recent post about lithium batteries was prescient as it seemed and reported fine, and then hit that curve and fell over…didn’t even report the lack of juice, just reached a point it couldn’t run the system enough to communicate. Whether the flashing white is intentional or not, it got my attention as I walked by.

FYI for anyone else that has it happen.

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Mine seem to be working fine too, but the battery issue is good to know about, thanks.