Iris Keypad Battery Life / FW Upgrade in UK?


I have a Iris V2 keypad installed via lock manager that I use for our cleaner to enable and disable SHM once a week. this has been working fine for a while but the battery in the keypad randomly drains. I understand this is due to a bug with the led backlights on the keypad that is fixable via an irish FW update.

I bought an iris hub but of course its a US product so runs on 110v.

is there anyway for me to update the FW on the keypad here in the UK?


That part is probably easy to deal with.

I couldn’t find the manual for the 2nd gen iris hub online, but this is for the 1st gen hub, and like many electronic devices it plugs into an AC adapter that can take 110 or 220V AC. The hub itself is DC powered.

So just confirm by checking the manual that came with your hub that the 2nd gen hub, that the AC adapter can take 220V. Then all you need is an outlet adapter so it fits in your outlets in the UK.

A bigger problem could be that once you plug it in, then what? Does it push firmware updates to devices without an active Iris subscription? Even if it does, would it do so if you’re connecting to iris servers from the UK?

thanks for this - i should have realised it was DC. i’ll see if i have any 220v adaptors that have the correct barrel size at home.

if i an get it powered I can setup an iris home automation account via the us play store on android, then I need to pair the device with it (which means excluding it from smartthings). wait for the firmware upgrade via iris, then re-pair with smartthings.

Atleast thats the theory.

i can vpn from the US if it doesn’t work from a UK IP address