Iris Smart plug, match up zigbee with z-wave?

I have a slew of smart plugs that have both zigbee and z-wave repeater capability.
But I’ve named them different things in SmartThings.

Is there an easy way to determine which plug is which - that is, which zigbee ID matches which z-wave ID? Or do I have to un-Power all of them, then send commands to all in sequence, and make the ID that way? Seems that none of the various device ID components match up from a zigbee to a zwave device…

There are two different radios inside the plug and it is seen as two separate devices by SmartThings. I don’t think there’s any way to determine which two are inside the same physical housing.

The only way I can think of is to unplug it and then run a z-wave repair. This will tell you the ID of the z-wave device. Then wait and see which of your zigbee devices reports offline.

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The zigbee part is easy - just turn the switch on & off in the app and the switch will click and the blue light will turn on & off.

For the Zwave part, yeah, you’ll probably have to unplug and do a zwave repair to find it.

I had mine all nicely named so that the Zwave repeater & the zigbee switch had similar names, but after moving some around and renaming the zigbee side a few times, I don’t remember which are which anymore. :frowning:

I think I am going to have to put numbers on the backs of each one and then name the zwave repeaters based on those numbers. Then it is easy to match the zigbee to the number (check the number, plug it in and turn each one on/off with the app until you find the match).


That’s what I did. I numbered the plug. Only thing I didn’t do is ident the Iris, Centralite and ST brands.