Iris Smart Plug 2.0 will not show up as Zigbee

I have an Iris Smart Plug and when I go to add it, smart things sees it as 2 x zwave devices. I have the DH installed, anyone have any reasons why it will not add as a Zigbee device?

Unplug the iris plug and make sure those aren’t some other z-wave devices in your house. I bought a few of the clearance plugs from Lowes (don’t know what version those are), and it isn’t easy to get the z-wave repeater to show up on those.

For me, first the zigbee plug showed up as “Thing”, I changed DH to smart plug. Then it took 2 or 3 tries of unplugging it and pressing the button 8 times quickly before it showed up as z-wave. I don’t remember exactly what it came up as before I changed to the recommended z-wave repeater DH.

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Sounds like I have the opposite issues. Mine shows up as 2 x Z-Wave repeaters but does not show up as a Zb device at all.

Support was able to figure this out. They had to turn off zwave when re-adding on the hub to avoid it from adding the z-wave repeater multiple times.