Iris Smart Plug for $23.30 + Buy 2 Get 1 Free (In-Store)

I have 2 currently and they work perfectly.

Didn’t see the sign in my local store. Yesterday, I purchased 5 online for store pickup. Got them for $23.30.

I went to two different stores yesterday and bought a total of 6 (each store only had 3) and i didn’t see that sign anywhere at either store. But still at $23.30 not complaining.

Yes, these are compatible. So are the contact sensors (and those work well too). These Smart Plugs have an additional advantage of including a separate Z-Wave repeater along with the Zigbee radio for controlling the switch itself.

-Ben K

I wonder if they finally caught on…

I’ve got a dozen of these. The inclusion instructions can be found here.

I did have a problem with the Z-wave dropping off when they first came out, but they have been completely reliable for months now. Once they’ve been included you can set the device type to ST SmartPower outlet and have local control ( well what ST considers local )

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I need a couple of this, I’m curious to see if my store has the sign. Will stop there later.

Did anyone find succes on these? Or should just go with the 15 off 50?

I just went to the store. They didn’t have any in stock, but allowed me to buy them and pick them up when they come in. $23+ and buy 2 get 1 free.

The Lowe’s I went into didn’t have any of the sales marked. :neutral_face: None of the iris, echo, nest or lightify sales were even acknowledged.

My local Lowes had the buy2 get 1 free sign on display. They had the plugs selling for $23.30, picked up the 3 they had in stock for $46.60. The discount for the 3rd plug was not automatic, I told the cashier and they adjusted for free.

That is because the $23.30 price is buy 2 get 1 free. At the regular $35each you would get 2/$70. At $23.30 you gate 3/$70 . If you get a free one at $23 It is just because the store employees are not properly trained/ informed about the sale.

Received Smart Plugs today (and a few other boxes). Never got a shipping notice for any of the orders.

Just checked, shipping is no longer available even at the $23.30 price.

Just picked up one of these in store today. Can someone please tell me how to pair it?

scroll up several post

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I see the post above but I dont know where to paste that code at? Where do you place it?

You shouldn’t need to device type any longer. ST will just recognize it .

Have ST searching for devices
Hold in the button while plugging it in, led will blink. ST will find the ZigBee outlet
St will ask if you want to add any more devices…yes
press the button 5x as quickly as your finger can, light will begin flashing slowly, ST will find a Z-wave device .

It took me under 5 minutes to get 3 of them added to ST yesterday

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That did it for me!!! Thank You!!!