Iris Smart Button

So I finally have this little device and I’m trying to figure out how to get it to work with Smartthings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is a link to the device.

Here is the github link to get yourself up and running thanks to Mitch


This device is a smart button not a key fob.

This is the actual Key fob and there is a customer device type for it.

That picture is not the fob. That picture is the button.

There are two new fobs. One has four white buttons. One has one big red button.

Although both of the fobs work as presence sensors for an iris system, neither works as a presence sensor for SmartThings. So they’re basically just button controllers.

There are community created device types for both of them. :sunglasses:


The device type is in GitHub

mitchpond : Iris Smart Fob

This would probably be a quick modification of one of the two existing device types. I may pick up a kit tonight and test it out.


The Lowe’s website is wrong in this case, the link is using the product title from the discontinued Gen 1 device. If you read the product description, you’ll see it says

The Iris Smart Button gives convenient access to control other connected devices

The picture you gave is the “smart button.” This can be verified from either Iris support, or from the box for the device itself.

I know it’s confusing, these things happen when a line gets phased out. Lowes says the website will be updated soon.

Sorry was just using the correct title incase anyone wanted to look it up on Lowe’s Site.

Here is link to the customer device type for the smart FOB

See this page for the correct gen 2 product names.

So far, there’s no device type for the smart button. Everybody’s waiting for Mitch to get one. LOL! :sunglasses:

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Yes again I knew it was a button. I’ve posted many times about wanting one. I simply just posted the title that was on Lowes page. Sorry for the error.

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No problem, a lot of people want this one! This is Lowe’s website error. Just want to make our own future forum searches less confusing, since Lowe’s already said they’re going to fix theirs soon. :sunglasses:

I go the device to initially show up as a Thing in Smarttings. I uninstalled it, but now I can’t see to get it to show back up. There is no reset button on this thing like there is on the sensor.

Since you actually bought it, go ahead and set up a free Iris account and they should have the reset instructions there. :sunglasses:

Hold down the button while removing the battery and then reinsert, release button. Should blink Blue…

I get a red light coming on, but not a blue one.

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It can be touchy but should blink blue once it’s reset.

Here is the official:

Remove battery. While holding down the button, reinsert battery and continue to hold for two seconds, then release button.

I have 2 and know the reset works. Just waiting on a device type to use them.

I wonder if they could have made the door any harder to get open haha. The 2 seconds was the key here. I got the blue light to come on. Did you try using the Iris Care Pendant device type on this yet?

Also how did you get it to pair with Smartthings after the reset?

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I think you will find that snapping back at someone that was just trying to help is going to only cause people to not want to help you out in the future. We’re all on this SmartThings adventure together, let’s stick together :slight_smile:

No i stopped at it registering as a thing, hoping once they got into capable hands a device would be written.

Yea the battery latch sucks on a few of the new products.