Iris IL021 Keypad - OK for outside

I sent a note to the Iris support team, but haven’t heard back. According to the product website, it can be used “Indoor or Outdoor” but I can’t imagine it is really able to be used outside based upon how it looks. I doesn’t look waterproof and it doesn’t have a cover.

Does anyone have one or know if it truly can be used outside? If it can, I wold get it ASAP and use it as a garage door opener and SHM control.

It isn’t “waterproof” for sure as the rear cover doesn’t have a seal on it.

We one mounted outside for test purposes for a while now but it’s mounted in a recessed section of the structure so it isn’t exposed to rain directly. No issues so far but I wouldn’t leave it exposed to direct “soaking” rain.

For that matter we’ve got the new Xfinity and UEI keypads also mounted outside and have had no issues with them either. Again they’re all mounted in a recessed section/under an awning etc so while it’s exposed to the elements they don’t get “soaked”.

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