IRIS Garage Door Opener closes by itself?

My ST system properly recognizes the Iris garage door opener. I can open and close it from the App. BUT, when I click open, it beeps loudly about 6 times before opening. Then about 3 minutes after opening, it beeps again and closes. Is there a way I can turn that off? I want it open until I say close!

the device itself doesn’t auto close. sounds like you have a rogue automation.

Agreed. I have an Iris branded linear go control opener and a non branded one. Neither close automatically.

Goto the device in the Smart App and then recent. This will show you what triggered the event. You can also log into the IDE for Live Logging and History. Furthermore, you can get on SmartApps on the device page within the app to see what Apps the device subscribes to.

Sound like you made a Boo Boo along the way…

While quite possible it is true that Things in ST can and do turn themselves on and off at random. It’s not terribly common but it happens. I have z-wave switches/dimmers do this sometimes and I assure you it’s not from an automation. There are threads in here on the subject. This is why I will not tie doors/locks to ST.

I will say in this case though it sounds like a rogue automation.

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Sure enough! It was a rule problem. Not a device problem.