Iris Contact Sensor and GE Z Wave light switch problem with long delay to turn on switch


I have installed 3 Iris contact sensors (front door, laundry room, and closet), and i have 2 GE z wave plus light switches installed (laundry room and closet). I create 4 routines (closet door off & closet door on && laundry room on & laundry room off). They occured when i open the door the light is on then when i close the door the light turns off. Very simple. I was having extrodinary success until last night. When i woke this morning my hub had connected then reconnected during the night, and now all day after several times power cycling the hub i have had no success with getting my routines to work again. I also notice the sensors take long to report their status. Sometimes my hub shows a light bulb (hue) is on when it isn’t. I don’t know what is going on! It is super frustrating. Also my routines are occuring way late. It takes about 2-5 min for the routine to notice the door sensor is open and that it should do something.

Is anyone having this problem? Can anyone help me understand what is going on!



Yep, lots of people.

Happy birthday Nathan!

Oh wow well glad to see it is not something that i am doing wrong (?)…

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