iPort iPad Dock

(Stephen) #1

Found this iPort docking station with case and base station for $38 on eBay. Fits an iPad Air 1 or 2. Looks great and does exactly what I want. The seller also has them for iPad 4.


Looks like you picked up that case a little too late. :wink:

(Stephen) #3

Good observation! No biggie. It’s still exactly what I wanted it to look like. I only wish they made this for an iPad mini

(Realy Living Dream) #4

I’ve got my old Xooms in the desk docking stations. In some cases it’s better than wall mounting. Definitely easier

(Stephen) #5

Not familiar with that. Looking it up now. I decided to use the iPad so that I could have the Sonos app as well as my Chamberlain app and homekit. Oh, don’t forget about the ring app.

(Martin) #6

They do make the docks for minis, see the product catalog here

They make great, high quality products but are on the higher end of the market - I’ve never pressed the trigger due to price and being undecided about iOS as my control panel of choice. If these were for Galaxy S2 or S3 it would be a no brainer for me.

What’s interesting, their sleeve with buttons works with Lutron - I think these present themselves as picos - will research if this could work with ST via the excellent community Lutron solution I’m using from @njschwartz

That might just tip me over the edge.

(Stephen) #7

Thanks! I know that they made the charger case for the iPad mini that has the big magnet on the back. I did not realize they make one like the charging case I have. I prefer the size of the iPad mini so now I will order one with an iPad mini. Not sure what the retail prices on that sleeve but I have been unable to find them on eBay. I thought the style of the dock/charging sleeve was the old version, and the new one with the possible wall mount was new. I just assumed they were discontinuing them and that’s why I found them cheap.