iPhone Presence Sensor - Location Services IOS13

I am fairly new to STHM. I mostly am trying to use the new app, although some are resisting moving from the classic.

I have setup all my family’s iPhones as Presence Sensors having each to install the new ST app and turn Location Services to ‘Always.’ (I tested with ‘Only While Using’ and doesn’t’ work)

The potential issue that I have is that since iOS 13, the iPhone periodically asks the holder if they want to keep the setting as ‘Always’ forcing them to have to click ‘Always’ each time.

If the family did this, there is no problem, but I cannot be certain they will inadvertently choose something else. I know I can buy presence sensors, but I prefer to use iPhones.

Anyone else facing this? Are there any known workarounds?

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You can’t prevent the banner from displaying while the apps are accessing the user’s location, it’s information for the user provided by the system, for them to make informed decisions about which apps they share their location with and when.

It would be nice if you were only prompted once but that’s not the way Apple chose. So, expect the banners to continue displaying.


I find that iOS seems to constantly, once a week, ask me to confirm if I want Smartthings to be “Always” or something else. It will periodically ask about other apps, but when I chose a value on these, it will not ask me again. For some reason ST is the ONLY app where this setting doesn’t stick. It’s quite annoying!

Seems like a bug.