iPhone Presence no longer working

A few days ago my iPhone no longer shows in the app as a presence sensor. It is no longer even showing. How do I get it back? In my iPhone settings location sevices is set to always.

What do you mean… it no longer shows? It doesn’t appear in Routines to select?

Were you using a virtual presence sensor to display location as a tile in the app?

It shows in the IDE but not in any of my rooms on my iPhone.Yes I was using it as a presence sensor in the app.

It has never displayed itself in the new app unless you used a virtual presence sensor and sync it up to your phone’s location.

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It did show before, and my wife’s phone shows. It all shows in SmartTiles. How do I get it back on the app?

You would need to create a virtual presence sensor which would create a tile in the app. Use two Routines to sync the virtual presence sensor to your phone’s location… one for when your arrive, one for when you leave.

I use this one:

But there is also a second community developed one that you can check out:

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I have that and setup a routine, but still does not show me as present.

UPDATE: I tried the SmartThings Prencence senor beta and it works. thanks.

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