Iotty Smarthome Light switches


I recently purchased the pretty cool Iotty Smarthome light switches. I paired the first one with SmartThings after registering to the app. Now when I try to do more - the new devices do not show up. Went with both Smarthings New and classic.

Anyways - anybody have these? What did you do? Anybody have a custom device handler for these??

I am interested in hearing more about these switches. I am looking at the ebay “Neo Coolcam” glass touch zwave switches but am convinced it is a bad idea. (The red switch LED looks pink, and you know they do not use UV protected white plastic so I am sure it will turn more yellow over time)

Soooo… In an effort to “do-it-right” this time I am interested in these even though they are not zwave. For instance, does your phone need to be in the home for the switches to work? (I would not think so, but better safe than sorry)

I m thinking to get a few iotty switches too. Was this issue resolved eventually? @Vishlance

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Is there way to integrate with SmartThings? I don’t think it’s mentioned on their website.