Notification Sounds Issue with iOS 9 Update (Non-ST)

Guys, I updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 9 on its release and started seeing a weird issue where a push notification would appear on the screen but no sound alert. This is not related to ST. But some iOS user using ST may well notice this. This is very intermittent and annoying, So, watch out for this. WhatsApp, Kuna, FB messenger are all affected. Not everybody is facing this. Apple forums are reporting the same and several sites if you google.

I am facing this issue. Anybody else noticing this?

Awh… that explains a few things… thanks for the heads up!!!

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I would take this really seriously as it is very much happening. Adding @slagle too so that he is aware that there is something weird happening on iOS 9 which nobody can pinpoint. We don’t want people complaining about ST notifications on iOS 9 and spinning multiple threads when it is totally unrelated if this happens, I don’t think Apple has publicly acknowledged it. Some thread says that even Siri has lost her voice at times and is erratic.

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