iOS based IP Camera

Has anyone been able to integrate an iOS based IP camera yet? I saw some Android variants, but so far I’ve tried using IPCamera and the generic IP Camera custom device to no avail. Anyone have a similar setup going on, and if so what app do you have running and what are the device settings?

For reference, I have a stationary iPad I’d like to set as a camera.

Yeah the Manythings looks alright, but I’d rather not pay a subscription fee if I don’t have to. I’d like it to function just like any other IP camera.

Any luck on this? I tried pointing blue iris at it and it doesn’t seem to know what to do with it.

IP Cam says you can use an iOS device as an MJPEG streaming web cam.

Anyone tried that? If it really does put a MJPEG stream up at a URL, it should integrate easily to SmartTiles.

OK, I went ahead and splurged the $2 for this app.

It’s pretty good. UI is rough, and I’m waiting to hear from the dev about how to rotate video because it shows correctly on my old phone working as a web cam, but it is 90° rotated on the MJPEG stream.

But it supports DDNS, can trigger remote recording (to the camera’s storage) and has other nice features including audio streaming!

For $2, you can turn every one of your old iOS devices into cameras.

EDIT: This keeps getting better!

Don’t let the “main” page showing you frakking Flash. Use Live Stream 2.

You can access recordings on the phone in the browser.

This makes your phone appear as a bonjour device.

Update: Turns out the camera only displays in portrait mode, and for some reason they chose to have it be oriented so you have to have the iOS device with the side that has the volume controls on the bottom.

Hopefully this will be fixed in an update because some people might want portrait mode. To use the phone as a cam in a cradle, for example.

I have a 3GS and would like to use it to stream video to ActionTiles via a MJPEG stream. IP Cam looks like it would work, but it requires iOS 8 or better. Any suggestions?