Cell phone cams

OK so does anyone know of an app or a way to make use of old smartphones and ST home automation compatibility? I’d like to be able to link or bind my old smartphones so I can use them as cams , like the Alfred app that I am currently using , works great but doesn’t have ST access. If this is possible or Samsung enabled it out of the box , many more consumers would buy their hub. Any one have any info on something like this?

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This company is (was?) incubated by Samsung, so SmartThings integration is (was?) one of their priorities…

I had IP Camera Pro running the background on all my tablets. I was using it to wake them for SmartTiles. But the app wouldn’t stay in the background. It kept coming to the foreground. It was kind of creepy to walk by and see yourself on video. If you don’t care about this, it’s a nice program. The Pro version is worth the extra features.

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I use Manything since 2014 with an iphone4.