SmartTiles: Video Camera Compatibility

Can someone review this and let me know if these cameras will be able to be viewed on SmartTiles?

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They are not IP Cameras so I think they answer would be no.

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That was my concern, but they are networked and accessible from browsers, so thats where my question stems from.

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Yes… you are correct to believe that these quite likely might be compatible.

But SmartTiles does not provide User Support for Video; find the actual detailed specifications and user manuals (probably downloadable from Armcrest vendor) and/or call the vendor’s tech support, and find out if HTML5 non-plug-in MJPEG http video streams are provided. That’s the only type of stream that generally works fine (but not always).

Flash, ActiveX, etc., work “in the browser” but generally do not work in SmartTiles due to plug-in issues.

RTSP does not work “in the browser”, but there are transcoding services and transcoding servers you can run at home … and this type of system should have that built-in, but you have to ask the vendor directly.

I personally recommend Blue Iris Software (from Foscam?) as it supports many cameras and I believe does transcoding and can be run on a pretty cheap mini-PC. Total cost is a bit higher, but expandable and flexible (you can use many camera brands, etc.).


Thanks for this info. I do have a camera software but cannot recall what the name is, as I was trying to get a dome camera working (but failed).

I can do more research on these cameras, but youre probably right with regards to access via browser is probably plugin reliant.

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I hear there are a few iOS users here.

Well, if you’re not still using those iPhone 4’s, you’ve got a use for them now: IP Cam, available in the App Store, turns your old iOS device into a bonjour-compatible, MJPG serving web cam!

I have this working in my SmartTiles setup.

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Hi All, I’ve been searching for a couple of days and haven’t found a solution to my issue. Sorry if this was already answered and I just did not find it.

My camera is an FI9853EP. Which is working perfectly for live view in SmartTiles, however I tried to configure SmartTiles to use the stop motion rather than live view and I am unable to get a picture to show up in SmartTiles.

I am using the URL “http://myip:port/cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=snapPicture2&usr=myUser&pwd=myPass” and it works fine in a browser, but in SmartTiles the tile is simply grey.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Right-click on the resulting image “in a browser” (i.e., not in SmartTiles), and confirm that it is a normal JPEG, perhaps?

I get 2 results using 2 different methods.

Method 1: snapPicture2 results in an image returned from the CGI right clicking and viewing the source just shows an JPG “CGIProxy.jpg”.

Method 2: snapPicture results in HTML to display the image the source shows "<img src="../snapPic/Snap_20160124-223343.jpg">"

Both work fine in a browser from my PC or Mobile.

Thanks again for the help.

Unfortunately this camera is not compatible by itself since it’s using RTSP but you can get it working by running it with blue iris as recommended by @tgauchat . I have a couple of these cameras and there is a post about this. I have the Chinese version whichalso is half the price.

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Thanks, I bought the US version to try it out. I really like the daylight view, but wish I could turn off the night time view. I wish Blue Iris made a Mac version as I don’t have any PC’s in the house to use for the program.

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I remember playing with VLC on a Mac for this camera as well but went with Blue Iris for multiple cameras and ST and SmartTiles integration. I know what you mean about night vision.

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I am running blue iris and I am able to get video on smart tiles if I don’t have authentication enabled. How do you get video to display if you are using authentication? I can’t find the right URL format.

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I don’t have a firm or tested answer, but worth trying:

Anybody know if the recently released Blink camera work with smarttiles?

I don’t know… but I don’t recommend it. The support page only demos the native App for the Camera… that’s not a good sign. We recommend starting with vendors that at least feature a web view in their online materials.

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[quote=“vicjagsingh, post:274, topic:11633”]
Can Smart Tiles take links from IP Webcam running on android?

I’m thinking of using an old tablet as a center control using Smart Tiles with speech notification and as a web cam on Smart Tiles.
[/quote]I haven’t gotten it to work. I’m using IP WebCam on several Android phones and it works just fine. I can view video or still frames remotely (and I even have them hooked up at From it’s doc:

http://user:password@host:port/video is the MJPEG URL
http://user:password@host:port/shot.jpg fetches the latest frame.

When I use these in SmartTiles, I get blank squares.

I figured out why the still frames don’t work: SmartTiles is appending “&rand=0.121211212” to the URL, and IP Webcam doesn’t accept and instead returns a 404 error. Is there any way to turn this off? (I can hack the source if there isn’t).

I still can’t figure out why the video tiles don’t work. If I right click in Firefox or Chrome and use “copy image location”, it spits back exactly what I entered into SmartTiles and the video streams just fine. I would have suspected IP Webcam wasn’t returning a content-type that the browser needs to be able to display that video in an tag, but I tossed together a trivial html page on my Apache and it displayed just fine:

<img src="http://user:password@host:port/video">
<img src="http://user:password@host:port/shot.jpg">

Any ideas?

The URL parameter &rand= is appended to the URL to actually force the browser to refresh a still image. Without it, the animation won’t work. It is unusual for the camera to crap out because of extra URL params, but that’s a quirk of your particular camera software. I don’t know why the video is not showing in a tile…

Search the forum to see if anyone else had success with this camera. I’ve seen the name of the app mentioned a few times.

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SmartTiles does this to force the new snapshot to be fetched, otherwise it can / does pull the same frame over and over again from the browser cache. There may be a more sophisticated way to set the cache expiration for the Tile … but we maximize the cache for the whole page so that it doesn’t fetch other stuff too frequently.

Might be able to make the “rand” appended parameter to be optional, but that might defeat your jpg update.

I’m sure it was a clever hotfix at the time and seemed to be mostly safe.

Let me know your ideas.

It would be so awesome if we can find a solution for this even with still picture.

Example: on Securet spycam Android app you can have still image upload to drop box. With IFTTT convert new image to a url which can be use with SmartTiles. Or always create a gig with last 5 image.

How hard will that be?