iOS App Dashboard - Home Solutions - How to add items?

I don’t know if this is possible, but on the iOS app, how could I add items under Home Solutions? or even add another “card”?

Right now, under Favorites, I have my Front Door, Garage Door, my 4 main Routines and then presence for me and my wife. Under Home Solutions, I have the Smart Home Monitor and Smart Locks.

The two things I would like to do is have my Garage Door show up at the bottom by my Smart Locks. Second thing I would like is to have my thermostats show up here as well so I don’t have to scroll through a 100 things to find them, or scroll through my rooms to find them.

Perhaps there are some apps that already existing and will accomplish this that I just am not aware of.


You can’t. You can add things to your favorites but that’s about it.

I figured as much, thanks anyway