iOS adding Things to a Room with newest iOS version

(John Scherer) #1

I’m wondering of others using iOS Smartthings app are having issues. This app is really a mess.

I have about 20 things around my home and just today I added a GE in-wall switch and a plugin switch in my garage to control two lights. Everything works ok but I didn’t have the switches in a “garage” room yet. So I created a room called “Garage” - the app failed to do this once (the big red message). Once the room was created, I went to add the two switches to the room but it doesn’t see those specific switches. What it does see, is two iPhones, one motion sensor, and one presence sensor, no other device (there should be about 20)

(John Scherer) #2

Ok, I figured this out. Basicly, if a device is already in another room, you can’t add it to a different room until you remove it from its current room. Not very convenient and it would be great if this were not the case, at least I know now.