iOS 8.1.2 - Phone Presence Sensor Not Working

Has anyone upgraded to iOS 8.1.2 and noticed that their phone-presence sensor stopped working? It’ll finally trigger when I open the App.

My wife’s iphone 5 with 8.1.2 worked as usual. My iPhone 6 with the same iOS worked too but not at the geofence border where it typically would before this version. May be a coincidence though… Coz of snow and rain I guess! :wink:

But then I always have the app open!

Yes, I have been having/seeing inconstant performance since the upgrade to 8.1.2

I’m on 8.1.2 and haven’t seen any presence issues.

I have been having the same problem some times it triggers and other times not. When it doesn’t work as soon as I open the App it works.

I have been having this issue recently and wasn’t sure what it is related to. It does not show me as home until I’m in the garage or just in my drive way which can screw up part of the home/away automation I have setup. I hope this can get resolved quickly (if its Apple quickly certainly won’t happen).


Mobile Presence is completely unreliable. Hit or Miss. My wife and I have the exact same phone (iPhone 6) and iOS 8.1.2 and mine works perfect and hers is extremely inconsistent. I even tried switching her to Life360 and still had issues even though Life360 reported accurate GPS coordinates. Support refuses to acknowledge it’s a major issue and blames Apple for the way they handle Geofencing, even though other apps have the right coordinates such as Life360 and Google Maps and Apple Maps.

I have noticed as of late that both my iPhone and my wife’s iPhone are hit or miss as well. It looked like it got better for me but then it started to deteriorate and my wife started having problems. I would get her notification when she was in the garage instead of the outer edge of the Geofence perimeter. I might buy it being Apple’s issue if I have not had a bunch of performance issues, unreliability issues in general, with SmartThings in the last couple or so weeks. So ST is going with blaming Apple and well, lets face it, Apple just doesn’t care. If ST was good every where else I’d say maybe but I’ve read others having issues their Android presence so I will continue to point my finger at ST though it seems they have washed their hands of this issue already. Guess I’ll keep hoping for the best.

This iOS presence issue is driving me nuts. The whole benefit of the smartthings system is for it to work autonomously behind the scenes right? I got into ST for security reasons and fitted out my whole house and hooked up the fortrezz alarm siren with our lights to trigger based on when we’re gone and come home. I have a 6 and my wife a 5 and we were having a lot of issues last summer of it not recognizing. ST tech support also said it was Apple but to try increasing the geofence size and always leave the app on. We did and over the fall it settled down and was actually perfect for months.

Since ST did the system upgrade a month or so ago the problem is back. Which tells me it them and not Apple. And it’s been getting worse basically every week until it almost never recognizes either of us until we trigger the system.

The way it acts makes me think it’s an ST issue too because as soon as we trigger anything like the garage door or the front door, the system immediately recognizes our both our phone’s locations. As if it had to ‘wake up’ first, the log is almost immediate that the presence recognition happens after the garage door triggers it, but it’s too late, the alarms and all the lights are already on.

Our phone’s wifis are on, the other gps apps are accurately pinging as I’ve checked, ST app is on… it had been running perfect for months… so what is going on? How do we fix this?

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I’m having the same problem since the last update. I have to open the app for it to know I’m home or away and sometimes it shows like I’m not logged in even though I have it running in he background, but if I close the app and reopen, it Shows me logged in again I spent over $1000 on ST items and I continually have problems every so often. This is just the latest one. I feel like I’ve wasted all this money. I could have gotten a Fortress old style alarm system for $200 and skipped ST. So disappointed.