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iOS 2.3.5 - Release Notes


Same problem here.

(Jeffrey) #20

No issues with 2.3.5 here also on 10.3.2 beta.

my wife is not on the beta and no issues on her phone either that I noticed.

(Joel W) #21

So far no issues and I am on IOS Beta 10.3.2.


So we can no longer filter which Routines show up on the Apple Watch app with this update?

(Dale C) #23

I wonder if it is because there are so many more Android users out there that they can manage the deployment better by letting us iOS users be the guinea pig? :slight_smile:


Just updated to 2.3.5. Unable to load SmartApps, getting the “Something’s Wrong” message.

Automations -> SmartApps won't load. [Known Issue]
(Eric) #25

Same here. What’s this going to be now, 3-4 months before this is fix? Still can’t add modes in the app…

The “feature enhancements” are part of what we want to hear about.

(Ryan) #26

Me too…just adding to your post so the voice is heard…


Some of us are still waiting for shortcut groups to come back… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Kyle LeNeau) #28

If you are having an issue with loading SmartApps tabs can you look in the IDE and report what SmartApps you might have installed and if there are any custom ones.

(Ryan) #29

Can I load or operate those smart apps from within the IDE?

(Marc) #30

We all have custom smart apps. Are you suggesting there is a certain custom app crashing it?


It’s been in Google Play Store since yesterday. It was released right alongside IOS so you aren’t the only guinea pigs. There is an equivalent thread for the Android users on 2.3.5 and they are dealing with their own set of issues with battery drain and app crashing, so dont think IOS got singled out. I’m on Android and on of the users not negatively impacted by what they have going on there. Knocking wood.

(Dale C) #32

thanks for the update :slight_smile:

(Marc) #33

For those of you who can’t load smartapps, here are my custom smartapps, perhaps we can find a common denominator. I tried to list some of the authors where I could remember.

CoRE from @ady624
WebCoRE from @ady624
Lock Manager from @RBoy
Bitbar from @mattw
Blink Camera from @RBoy
Generic Video Camera from @pstuart
Nst Manager 5.0 from @tonesto7 and @E_Sch
PushBullet Connect
Reliable Presence from @bridaus
Rheem Connect
Simple Device Viewer from @krlaframboise
Simplisafe Connect from @tobycth3
Smarttiles from @tgauchat
Actiontiles from @tgauchat
Weather Station Updater from @RBoy
Blinds Sync by Me, Myself and I (I doubt this would cause the issue as I am pretty sure I am the only one using this!)

(Eric) #34

My common apps with @Mbhforum

CoRE from @ady624
WebCoRE from @ady624
*** Nst Manager 4.0 from @tonesto7 and @E_Sch ***4 not 5
Simple Device Viewer from @krlaframboise
Weather Station Updater from @RBoy

(Marc) #35

I removed Weather Station Updater to see if that was the culprit since that doesn’t have a big impact to reinstall and that is NOT the culprit. The list below is now shortened. Unfortunately, all of these take a very long time to re-configure and I won’t be as brave removing:

Edit: Support just informed they are researching to see if NST Manager is the culprit. They are still actively investigating. Does anyone have this issue does NOT HAVE NST Manager installed?

(Anthony S.) #36

Not sure what we could be doing that causes issue with smartapps loading

(Eric) #37

Likely nothing, but ST asked…

(jkp) #38

I am using Nst Manager 5 and SmartApps loads for me.