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iOS 2.14.0 released (1/30/18)

(Jeffrey Ropp) #74

Called support which suggested that I search for multiAttributeTile type values that are non-standard. I looked through all custom device handlers and found nothing.

Still getting errors when refreshing favorites and things.

(jkp) #75

do you have either webCore Presence sensor or aeon?

(Jeffrey Ropp) #76

If that was for me, no I do not.

(jkp) #77

tagging @Brad_ST to see if he can assist you :slight_smile:

(Jeffrey Ropp) #78

Tinkering a bit more…I was able to put all devices in rooms except for an iComfort thermostat. Perhaps its the problem. It was the one device that didn’t show up with an icon when selecting devices to add to a room.


(Brad) #79

Seems like similar issue to the Aeon HEMv2 some people are seeing. I see an error logged of:

Can not deserialize value of type java.math.BigDecimal from String "31?": not a valid representation

Is that the humidity perhaps? Removing the % may fix it.

Recent Tile Bugs (2.14.0)
(Tim) #80

Unfortunately, my things/device list isn’t loading, so I can’t refresh the the device after fixing the handler in the IDE.

(Tim) #81

How about letting us install the previous iPhone app version? Is there a link to download it?

Edit: Nevermind, it’s working now…

(Brad) #82

An additional fix for custom devices not loading was released today. Please let support if you continue to see issues.

(Andreas A.) #83

Does this “fix” cause a random ST icon to show up in front of the secondary display text of multiTiles and htmlTiles to throw an error? The whole layout of several of my devices is now seriously messed up. :cry:

[DEPRECATED] Free Ecobee Suite, Version 1.2.*

I’m seeing this too as well as new issues with rendering on tiles. Here’s an example:

Honeywell 6000 working, but the GUI is not rendering correctly in the app
(Keith G) #85

It’s not caused by the iOS app update.

The UI / rendering issues just started for me in the last 5 hours.

I’ve been running the new version of the iOS app since yesterday.

I agreed it’s completely annoying and looks terrible, with text labels in the wrong position, added icons that shouldn’t be there, etc.

(Jeffrey Ropp) #86

Happy to report that my issue has disappeared as well. Thought it was because I had tinkered with odd characters in the device handler for the iComfort thermostat. Perhaps it’s the new fix. Either way, thanks.


Rendering of tiles is now completely messed up. Both custom and stock device handlers

(Rick) #88

All is broken. Custom dth and normal. Looks like im downgrading to 2.13 all works fine in there!

(Kevin) #89

Totally stock ST motion sensor and DTH. Wasn’t like this last night. Woke up and was looking at things when I noticed almost all my things now have rendering issues.

iOS BackGround Colors & Labels broken
(Barry) #90

Additional context and background here:


How do you get that overview of doors, lights and motion sensors on your dashboard? I can only get SHM, smartlocks and favorites

(Jimmy) #92

You have to be an OG from before the V2 hub came out and then never have deleted those apps. They aren’t available to install anymore.

(GFam) #93

Still on going issues that I am seeing:

  1. State labels that were not specified are showing state ${name} or all devices.
  2. Background colors for all multi-tiles are messed up - i have generic and thermostat tiles
  3. Humidity icons is showing smartthings icon and refresh icon is completely missing from tiles where they are set.
  4. HTML tiles are not rendering at all and display the message “An unexpected error has ocurred”
  5. All DTH and custom device handlers under favorites on main dashboard are greyed out and disabled.

After the recent outage issues releasing such a buggy app is really acceptable.
Smartthings should revert iOS app to previous version and fix and TEST all issues before releasing an update.

the working version are android and non-working iOS