iOS 2.1.5 - Release Notes

(Tim Slagle) #1
  • SmartThings iOS 2.1.5 includes support for upcoming device integrations.

(Jimmy) #2

It started before this version, but the app has gotten very very slow.

(Bobby) #3

Now I feel jealous. No love for Android? Why such a discriminatory treatment. We like when the obvious is stated. I guess we the Androids are still ahead, our version is one up for the same context…

Arlo Cams coming in few weeks
(Ron) #4

Just curious why not mention which device is being integrated ?
Arlo Cam was mentioned on other thread but this says “device integrations” plural so are there more ?

(Tim Slagle) #5

In some cases we are contractually not allowed to. :confused:

(Ron) #6

Well that’s great marketing. Let’s not tell anyone that new devices work haha

Ok I get it want to report later but couldn’t resist.

(Tim Slagle) #7

They don’t work yet, but we sure will tell you when they do :slight_smile:


Heh…Windows is still on 1.6.1 and what’s worse is there is now a bridge to convert iOS easily

(Tim Slagle) #9

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