Introducing a Digi XBee Zigbee network in addition to a ST one - what may happen?

I’ve searched around the net but haven’t found much on this issue. I’m about to install a separate Digi Xbee Zigbee Pro network to be able to remotely control my hot tub. It entails hooking up an XBeee ZB Gateway to the main router and an XBee ZB Pro 485 Adapter to the hub. These devices are supposed to be paired by the manufacturer, out of the box.

Then what to expect?

  • Overlapping Zigbee-channels?
  • Additional wifi interference?
  • Already in place ST paired Zigbee devices re-pairing to the Xbee network?

Any thoughts, experience or advise appreciated!

Most likely zero problems. I am running about a dozen different Zigbee networks in my home right now, and it’s a small home (1800 ft.².)

many people probably already have several Zigbee networks, like one for a smart utility meter, one for a set top cable box, Amazon echo shows, etc.

Zigbee is intentionally low transmission power designed for tiny messages sent relatively infrequently. So there’s rarely interference between two Zigbee networks in the same building.

Just try to keep the hubs at least a meter apart and you’ll likely be OK.

And just in case you’re curious, this is what I have:

  1. utility company smart meter
  2. solar power system
  3. cable TV set top box
  4. SmartThings Station
  5. Philips Hue Bridge
  6. third reality zigbee hub
  7. Amazon echo (connected directly to several zigbee devices)
  8. through 10) three different aqara hubs

.11) another home automation hub I’m playing around with

These are spread out around the home, not all in the same room.

Everything works fine and has strong signal except for the smartthings station which has the usual off-line issues that everybody else reports. :thinking:


And specifically this :arrow_up: won’t happen unless you put the smartthings device into pairing mode at exactly the same time the XBee coordinator is searching for new devices. So just work on one network at a time and you’ll be fine in this regard. :sunglasses:


Thanks a lot for your advise and insight @JDRoberts !

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Glad to help. :sunglasses:

It’s really no different than adding a Philips hue bridge or an echo show to your house, and most people wouldn’t think twice about that.

So it’s a good question, but an easy answer in this case.

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