Internet down Event

I wanted to know if someone has figured out how to get a notification when one’s internet is down.
I would like to have Smart Things send me a pushover notification when my Internet seems to be down.
Right now, I get a notification that the Smart Things Hub has disconnected. Ideally, I want to be able to to turn a hue bulb a specific color to indicate my Internet is down, but my guess is that will not be doable since I need the command sequence to come from the cloud which I would not have access to in the event of my Internet being down.

Well there you have it. It’s like saying I would like to dial a number when the phone line is down.


You could probably figure out a way to do it with a server on your LAN that pings some WAN IP address repeatedly, and then if it doesn’t get a response, closes a relay connected to a small LED. Or something like that.

But yeah I agree with @rontalley, you can’t use an internet-connected device to send a notification that requires internet connectivity, if the device has lost internet connectivity.

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