Offline notification real time?

Does anyone know of a way to have the hub notify you immediately if it goes offline?

Notify you via what? The hub can only communicate via Zigbee, Z-Wave or a wired ethernet connection to your hub…and everything other than Smart Home and Smart Lights is handled in the cloud.

I wonder if a “location.event()” fires (and thus can be subscribed to using a SmartApp in the Cloud)… or is it a “location.hubEvent()”.

There are quite a few undocumented APIs; though I admit I don’t check the frequently to see if they have been updated with new APIs.

@jim or @unixbeast might have some inside knowledge to share.

Via email or any other push notification…

You should already get a push notification whenever the cloud is unable to reach the hub. It will come to any device where you are signed in with the SmartThings mobile app.

OK, so then you aren’t looking for notification from “the hub” specifically, just SmartThings in general, right?

Right… my kids have figured out that they can reset my auto off on my router if they power cycle it after the auto off time. If ‘something’ (other than router) can immediately notify my there has been a disconnection, I could ‘catch them in the act’… I was thinking that smartthings could do this somehow…

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I recommend an Eero or Asus Router. Parental controls baked in, can’t be defeated so easily.

Ahhh, the cat and mouse game with kids and electronics.

If you had a spare tablet or phone with cell access you could ping the router and have it let you know when the router doesn’t respond.
Kinda a long way to go. Has to be an easier way.